Walt Disney “Up”

Walt Disney

Вік: 4+

Disney, Walt.

Up [Текст] : The Magical Story / W. Disney,  ; adapted by L Marsoli ; ill.by C. Egan, O. Mosqueda, E. Naggi and S. Tilley and Disney Storybook Artists. — Bath : Parragon, 2009. — 27 p. : ill. ISBN 978-1-4075-6007-6

Widower Carl Fredriksen wantsto fulfill his late wife Ellie’s lifelong dreamof living on Paradise Falls in South America. He ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats it southward. His adventurous journey begins! But Carl soon discovers that he’s not alone. Russell, a pesky Junior Wilderness Explorer has accidentally stowed away in his house! Will Carl make it to Paradise Falls and fulfill Ellie’s dream? How will the old man cope with his younger companion? Children of all ages will love reading orlistening to this delightful Disney adventure!