Walt Disney “Ratatouille”

Walt Disney

Вік: 4+

Disney, Walt.

Ratatouille (rat-a-too-ee) [Текст] : The magical story of the movie / W. Disney. — Bath : Parragon, 2007. — 25 p. : ill. ISBN 978-1-4054-9145-7

Remy dreams of becoming the head chef of a top restaurant. But there is one small problem, he’s a rat! When Remy is chased out of his home and separated from hisfamily, he realizes he’s in Paris, the food capital of the world! As Remy comes across a stumbling garbage boy called Linguiniat a fancy restaurant. Remy uses his cooking skills to help Linguini become a successful chef. But will their partnership stay a secretor will Remy get caught? Children of all ages will love reading or listening to this amazingDisney/Pixar adventure.